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    Illustration: Tapas Ranjan

    Radio has a come a long way in India. Well, in terms of distance, it may just be a few feet, but the positive is that it is heading north. Over the last 10 years there have been some superior programming initiatives undertaken by radio units. While some need to be applauded, many need to be advised medical help for the supremely gullible products that have made it on-air.

    Therea��s always been a tussle within radio units as to what the mass wants and what the station finally decides upon. There is a gap that needs to be addressed as the ones who end up with damaged ear drums are the listeners. We could protect our ears if we had the option, but unfortunately almost every station is dressed the same way. It feels like graduation daya��you will be spotted in a crowd only if you take that hat off.

    The latest in the bag of tricks by radio units is to talk in English and play regional tunes. It is a new calf in the stable and only time will tell if this concept will grow into a healthy cow. Personally, it works for me given my fluency in Tamil. But if I were to hear the same in a region where I knew the regional language, as a listener Ia��d probably think differently. The radio front in India is busy and thata��s a sign that no station has taken Calmpose.

    However a bolder, brighter and innovative sound is what we listeners are looking forward to, for the last decade. The ones who decide the programming path should always believe in the word a�?trya��. There is no harm if it doesna��t click, but if it does it would have been worth that a�?trya��. Programming has become so predictable that you might want to change your career to astrology. Switch on that radio and, before the signal comes on, you will know what is happening.
    No, you are not the Oracle in Matrix, but simply listening to your favourite radio station.

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