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    At just Rs 70, The Madaras Kafea��s South Indian morning buffet is a steal, offering popular staples of the cuisine

    Ita��s been four months since the popular The Madaras Kafe in Ispahani Centre opened its first branch in Mandaveli. Regulars at this coffee shop-cum-restaurant will tell you that besides the filter coffee that wakes you up, one must ask for their addictive, fried podi idlis too. The franchisee in Mandaveli opened with said fried idlis and other favourites like their parotta-pizza hybrid and vada sandwich, but for two weeks now, this place has been attracting crowds for a very different kind of meal a�� a South Indian breakfast buffet. a�?While the flagship outlet at Ispahani Centre sees a crowd that comes to hang out, we noticed that people come here for a quick meal,a�? says the Maithiri Divyesh Palicha, franchisee owner. And with Mandavelia��s green locale seeing plenty of early morning walkers, offering a quick breakfast made perfect sense.
    PICTURES OF MADRAS CAFE FOR INDULGE. EXPRESS / R.SATISH BABUThe buffet opens at 7.30 am and by 8 am the place is packed. Generally offering a pongal or kitchidi, oothapams or pooris, idlis and vadas, one might wonder why their signatures are not part of this small spread. But given the very competitive price tag of Rs 70 per person, wea��re not surprised that no one sees this as a concern. As we enjoy our pongal and sweetish sambhar, wea��re told that if therea��s demand, the management will be happy to throw in a few signatures too. But till then, you still have the option of ordering them a la carte, if the restaurant is not packed, of course. Details: 49597272

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