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    In its second edition, Laugh OK Please by Evam offers three days of stand-up comedy, bashing everything from fashion to movie stars

    One cana��t be entirely sure about the topics to be covered at the second edition of Laugh OK Please, but wea��re placing our money on politics, sex, relationships and considering ita��s taking place in Chennai, a�?Tambramsa�� too. Now we dona��t need Bhargav Ramakrishnan (curator of Laugh OK Please and head of Evam Standup Tamasha) to tell us that things are getting biggera��slides on BookMyShow proclaiming the event taking place this weekend at Phoenix Market City (not to mention enticing you to grab tickets at Rs 300 or Rs 600 a person) take care of that. But we certainly need him to tell us how hilariously different this year will be. a�?This year there are seven artistes from outside Chennai and five from the city,a�? says the man whose aim is to make Laugh OK Please a festival that showcases the best stand-up talent in the country.
    Meet the talent
    1On day one, we suggest actors (or fans) of the Hindi film industry stay as far away from the courtyard of Phoneix Market City as possible. To provide pure a�?desia�� entertainment, The East India Comedy gets on stage to present The Ghanta Awards (for the worst of Bollywood) with spoof songs, sketches and audio visual elements. The second and third days will put the spotlight back on stand-up, with senior artistes like Karthik Iyer from Bangalore and Anuvab Pal (performing in the city for the first time) from Mumbai. Also watch out for Aditi Mittal, Karthik Kumar, Aswin Rao, Balakumaran, S Aravind and Ramakrishnan a�� each with around 20 to 25 minutes of your gracious company. Enjoy!
    Oh and for those of you smart folk hoping to catch the show by simply hanging around the courtyard, note that the event will be closed off, with entry only for those with tickets. Try the passes for all three days at Rs 1,500. Details: in.bookmyshow.com

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