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    Breaking bread

    Like to show off A�your burger A�eating skills? Head to Bundar

    THE NEWLY-opened resto cafA� in Koramangala that goes by the name of Bundar is literally an ode to bread. It takes its name from a�?bun ke andara��, (read: inside the bun). The dA�cor though, including the signage and plates on the wall, celebrates monkeys! Yeah thata��s one word serving two purposes.
    We began with masala chai and lemongrass tea, served in khullads (earthen pots). They are flavourful. They arena��t on the menu really, but you can still ask for it. After all, whata��s bread without some tea?
    The food menu is limited, and includes Indian street specials, and European cafA� food, spanning quick bites, burgers, hot dogs, pav, focaccia breads, and pita. All their bread is made in-house.
    One of our favourite picks would be the sandwich made with focaccia bread. Packed with veggies, black olives, and Italian dressing, ita��s tasty for sure. The pav bhaji however didna��t quite do the trick. It was buttery enough, but wasna��t spicy for our taste.
    For meat lovers, the a�?wtf pava�� is a pretty neat dish a�� pav stuffed with bacon and nutella, now isna��t that cool? Ita��s a result of a a�?random kitchen experimenta�? by its owner.
    If you are craving for authentic Goan food, get a plate of the chorizo pav (chunks of pork sausages inside the bun). They source the chorizos from Goa. Ita��s a simple preparation, made by tossing chorizo in onions, but works well.
    And did we tell you about the burger challenge called the a�?heart attack burgera��. Ita��s a seven-inch chicken burger, loaded with bacon, egg and cheese. If you finish it in less than the current best record of five minutes and 31 seconds, ita��s on the house for you.
    We wound up the evening with serradura a�� a Portuguese dessert. A mildly sweet dessert, it has alternate layers of crushed biscuits and cream. And if you would much rather a�?drinka�� your dessert, try the Messy Shake. Ita��s got brownies, milk, chocolate fudge, and four scoops of ice cream.
    `400 upwards (for two). At 6th block, Koramangala. 11 am-11 pm. Details:49652470
    a�� Barkha Kumari


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