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    Web series to watch out for in the coming months.

    The internet is, as always, the most popular medium for free uncensored expression. Picking up social subjects that were once spoken about in hushed tones, web seriesa��like the popular Pitchers, Permanent Roommates and Mana��s Worlda��are proving to be great platforms for opinions and issues. Our pick of three new shows.

    Ita��s not that simple
    This series explores the life of Meera (Swara Bhaskar), who is suffocating in a loveless marriage with Jayesh (Karanveer Mehra). How her life changes when she meets her school friends at a reuniona��and ends up having an extramarital affair with two of thema��forms the crux of this series told from a womana��s perspective.
    Details: voot.com

    Relive the drama of the Indian Premier League with this 12-episode Amazon web original from Excel Entertainment. Touted to cover the scandals and rackets of the commercial money-making tournament, this Farhan Akthar-backed series will see Vivek Oberoi playing a character modelled on Lalit Modi, while Richa Chaddaa��s role of an actress helming her own IPL franchise is Preity Zinta all the way. Shooting in progress. Details: amazon.in

    Boys with toys
    With a subject that turned out to be a little too coarse for cinema audiences, filmmaker Ashvini Yardia��s film, Boys with Toys, wasna��t going anywhere until she decided to take it online. The story follows two brothers who inherit property from a deceased uncle, but discover, to their surprise, that he used to sell sex toys. TheA� release dates for this 15-episode series is yet to be announced. Details: youtube.com

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