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    Known for curating participation-driven events like food workshops, standup comedy nights, film screenings and game nights, Ashvita Bistroa��s latest offering is a foundation course in yoga to be conducted by practitioner Ravi Shankar. The founder of YogaNidhi (in Neelankarai), Shankar has been practising yoga for 25 years and conducts workshops in India and the US.
    Kicking off with an introductory talk on the T Krishnamacharya style of yoga, the course is spread over three weeks and eight classes, in two batches. This breath-centric style is a�?a therapeutic way to bring the body to a state of harmony in physiological functioning,a�? says Shankar. a�?People are aware of their physical limitations. But physiological indications of well-being or the lack thereof comes only much later. Breathing right is the key to a relaxed and optimally functioning body and mind,a�? says the 55-year-old.
    The coursea��comprising Asana, Pranayama and Dhyanaa�� promises to be gentle, giving due consideration to a persona��s capacity. The participant will be put through a sequence of postures that will provide a balanced workout. Targetting every muscle and joint, Shankar says regular practice will get rid of problems of the back, neck and joints. Besides strength asanas, and Pranayama, Shankara��s course is a combination of stretch and relaxation techniques, and Vedic chanting.
    Batch 1 begins on June 8, from 6.30-7.30 am. Rs 3,500 per participant. Details: 9791088189
    a��Preethi Ann Thomas


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