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Kripal & Shree Amana (left), Payal C & Gopika Karumbiah (right)
Sneha Rao,Ruma Singh, & Julie McGuire

Sneha Rao,Ruma Singh, & Julie McGuire

Summer has burst upon us. The social birds are dancing like butterflies and stinging like bees. Pool and spa parties are ruling the roost, as are itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikinis. Not my favourite time of the year dahlings (I abhor the heat!), but I like summer dressing, summer parties and summer wine.

Bangalore has a friends circle that is separated by six degrees. We were invited by the effervescent Anisha Bhandari to celebrate the second anniversary of the funky restaurant I And Monkey in Indiranagar. The place was packed to capacity with the beautiful people of Bangalore, who tended not to use the outside area because of the afternoon heat. That was convenient and cozy because one could ‘schmooze’ with everyone whilst enjoying some fabulous cocktails. The restaurant’s talented chef and partner Rohan Karumbiah’s mom and I are friends from way back when, so it was a family affair.

Kripal Amanna, publisher and managing editor of Food Lover’s Guide, is a good friend and entrepreneur with a soft heart. Annually, he organizes a ‘food lovers’ initiative wherein, over a hundred chefs, sous chefs and their helpers, attached to the most prestigious hotels and restaurants come together to have a ‘foodie fair’ at one of the top hotels and 100 per cent of the proceeds go to an orphanage. This year, ‘the new kid on the block’, The Ritz Carlton, generously hosted the event and it was a resounding and stupendous success. Bravo Kripal!

Sneha Rao, the attractive wine connoisseur, invited us to Shiro for a ‘Summer Soiree’ tasting of the newly launched KRSMA Wines. The charming Uma Chigurupati (she calls herself the ‘mama’ of the estates) was there to tell us all about her wines. Her easy going and almost humble demeanor belied her formidable knowledge about the wines that were being served. More women power and I am loving it.

As if to say there wasn’t enough monkeying around, we landed up for a sneak peek of the new Monkey Bar in Indiranagar. Charming chef Manu Chandra greeted us very warmly (it’s summertime) and wearing our hard hats (the bar is getting its finishing touches), we got straight down to business. We gorged on the beef sliders and chilly pork and I stuffed my face on the glorious butterfly chicken (mushy chicken and corn stuffed in a crisp butterfly shaped vol-au-vent.)

Ah! Summertime, and the living is easy.

-Rubi Chakravarti (m rubichakravarti@gmail.com)
The writer’s views expressed here are entirely in  her personal capacity.


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