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    Cheap antivert otc With dessert pairings and a health angle, Infiniteaai??i??s new menu is a must-try

    Thirteen years ago, Infinitea opened on Cunningham Road as the only tea room in the country. The chef patron, Gaurav Saria, has always been determined to stay a step ahead and bring the best to his customers. Now, the restaurant has a new menu with a host of fun additions.
    They have introduced new varieties of teas from all over the globe. Matcha tea is the flavour of the hour when it comes to food trends, and Infiniteaai??i??s Matcha comes straight from Japan. They have Rooibos from South Africa and Vanilla Oolong from Taiwan. We recommend the very smoky Lasang Souchong from China. The tea, from the Fujian province is smoked over pine wood fires for a unique flavour.
    The menu, earlier restricted to a limited number of dishes, now boasts a variety of soups, starters, small plates, mains and desserts. The focus is on healthy, yet tasty eating. Saria himself underwent a weight loss journey and studied nutrition so he has curated the menu keeping this in mind. From the soups, we tried the comforting Sandraai??i??s Potato and Leek Soup, which was silky and creamy. We also tried the Green Papaya and Raw Mango Salad which was fresh, especially when coupled with the peanut dressing.
    The appetiser section has a lot to offer. We tried the Spinach Mini Hand Pies, flaky puff pastries filled with spinach and cheese, the Baked Fish Finger, the highlight of which is the crust of potatoes, and our personal favourite, Prawns on Fire, pan-fried with chilli jam and served with peppers, it is sweet and spicy at the same time.
    The main course section has been designed for the health-conscious eaters. There are low-carb and lean protein sections with dishes like the Couscous Salad or the Tarragon Chicken. Of course if you really want to treat yourself, like we did, try the Spinach, Ricotta and Cream Cheese Ravioli. The creamy white sauce was perfect with the little parcels of spinach and cheese, all made in-house.
    The most innovative addition is the dessert and tea pairings. Each dessert is paired with a specific tea which brings out the best in both. For example, the Baked New York Cheesecake is paired with the Elderflower Herbal Infusion. The citrusy flavours of the tea balances out the creaminess of the cheesecake. We tried the classic Tiramisu, paired with the Muscatel Black Tea. This second flush Darjeeling black tea cuts through the sweetness of the dessert.
    Infinitea has been a favourite ever since they launched and these new additions have surely given them an edge over other tea rooms popping up in the city.
    `1,000 ++ plus for two. At Cunningham Road and Indiranagar. Details: infinitea.in

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