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    When Chennaia��s morning ritual is outsourced to experts who make your coffee decoction, just the way you like it

    Anyone who has worked with filter coffee will tell you that brewing the perfect decoction is no childa��s play. Thankfully, a few bean and brew experts promise you that perfect cuppa, with their line of readymade coffee decoction. Easily available off the rack of popular city stores (Pazhamudir Nilayam and Nilgiris), we identify men and women who are redefining your morning ritual with decoction made fresh every day.

    Text: Preeti GT

    TANJORE3Tanjore Coffee

    In 2013, when R Balaji started Tanjore Coffee, he simply acted on the demand for a good cup of filter coffee that everyone seemed to crave. But he soon ended up creating an addictive formula that was enormously successful. Chickmangalur estate coffee beans are combined with 25 per cent chicory, carefully roasted and ground and fed into automated brewing machines for their signature decoction, which sells over 350 bottles a day. If stored at the right temperature, Balaji insists that his preservative-free mixture will remain good to go for up to a month, hence making it an ideal gift for those travelling abroad. Priced at Rs.40 per 200ml. Details: 9003106755

    Untitled-3Sri Balaji Coffee
    An endearing story about Balaji, a former milk delivery man who realised the potential to couple delivery along with a packet of traditional coffee decoction, is doing the rounds. At Sri Balaji Coffee, the high quality beans are ground only the previous evening and the rich decoction is brewed from as early as 3 am. With a passion to serve his customers, Balaji home delivers his prized product at no additional charge from 7 am each morning. He only requests that you place orders the previous evening, so the hot packet reaches you as fresh as possible. Available in three variants a�� 100 per cent pure coffee decoction, another with 15 per cent chicory and a third with 25 per cent chicory, from 60ml packets up to 1 litre. Priced atA� Rs.40 per 200ml. Details: 9884775457

    Bean Boy Coffee, for Indulge in Chennai Express/ Albin MathewBean Boy
    When Geetha Saravanan found her friends paying visits especially for her filter coffee, and even taking the decoction back home, she knew she had an advantage. In 2010, Saravanan went commercial and after hours of research on various coffee beans, blends and ratios of chicory, Bean Boy is now available on retail. Packaged in food grade bottles, the decoction is everything one craves from a good coffee a�� strong, thick and aromatic. One of the secrets of Bean Boya��s taste, Saravanan says is fresh decoction, brewed early every morning. a�?Once brewed (in custom-made filters), the decoction is filled to the brim in these bottles, to avoid oxidisation which could lead to loss in flavour,a�? she explains. Priced at Rs.25 per 125ml. Details: 9176106319

    Who better to bring us some fine coffee each morning than a coffee planter himself? Anush Narayanan has been involved in coffee estates in Coorg since 1998, creating exclusive blends for top hotel chains, institutions and more. With a gentle nudge from his regular customers a�� predominantly North Indians with a soft corner for the citya��s special beverage a�� Narayanan went on to create readymade decoction, using his own produce of fine coffee powder. Kaaveri Coffee uses high altitude shade grown Arabica beans, that are considered Plantation A, along with Peaberry beans in the right proportions and grain size, for an authentic coffee experience evident in each cup. The decoction is strategically packaged in a catchy gold pouch with a spout to provide freshness and convenience at the same time. Also try their French Vanilla flavoured decoction, perfect for cold coffee. Priced at Rs.43 per 200ml. Details: 9884771587

    maMamia��s Degree Coffee

    Supplying to the catering community in Chennai, coffee trader Senthil Kumara��s Mamia��s Degree Coffee decoction is his way of acknowledging the need of the hour a�� good homemade coffee that doesna��t compromise on taste. Kumar creates a brew that uses a blend of almost 15 coffee bean varieties and chicory, and the resultant decoction is strong and dark. Smaller bottles for daily consumer use are available in select department stores in the city. Priced at Rs.40 per 200ml. Details: 9884995014


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