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    The afternoon tea at Royal Pavilion makes you like summers a little more

    If one were to describe the afternoon tea at Royal Pavilion, the word a�?languida�� might fit in perfectly, despite the weather. Of course ambience goes a long way when it comes to adding brownie points, and this alfresco restaurant scores high.

    The tea menu by itself isna��t big; ita��s not about making a meal out of this outing. The idea is to sit back, sip on delicious tea, nibble on the sandwiches, and pray for forgiveness as you bite into the delicious pastries. The pastry chefs here know how to pamper your sweet tooth without making you feel too guilty though.

    1We were treated to a range of sweet treats a�� lemon coconut, brownies, fruit tarts, a rich chocolate walnut brownie, muffins with icing, and some delicious macarons. Afternoon teas arena��t quite the same without scones, and even though these are slightly smaller than I would have liked, theya��re not as dry as some others tend to get. And yes, the scones come with a generous helping of clotted cream too. If you like some jam with your scones, you could perhaps ask for some. Dona��t skip the banana and caramel macarons, if they have that on the Charlie on the day you go. Ita��s delicious, and isna��t tooth-grindingly sweet either.

    As far as the savouries go, the mushroom vol au vents is a delight. The canapA�s, even though the smallest of the lot, have a deliciously crispy and light pastry shell.

    While the grilled peppers with pesto sandwich added a nice crunch to the whole spread, the sesame and smoked salmon bagel can do with one tiny improvement a�� the bagel tends to get soggy quickly. And some more cream cheese please.

    The only thing Ia��d perhaps like to see different on this spread are a few more savouries to balance the number of pastries.
    Apart from your regular teas a��Darjeeling, Earl Grey, chamomile, peppermint, and green tea a�� the ones you must try are the Glendale White made with young single leaf and buds. The tea is extremely mellow, has a slight floral note, and you can drink at least three cups without noticing! Plus white teas are good for you. The second one a�� the strawberry and mango a�� as the name suggests is quite fruity. And it has no caffeine, in case youa��re worried about that. Ia��d say ita��s more like a tisane, and goes well with honey.

    The menu is not constant, and while there are some regular fixtures (the scones, the fruit tart, and the brownie for example), the sandwiches and other pastries are regularly changed. But thata��s not all, you can also opt for a glass of sparkling wine instead of tea (you pay extra of course) to go with your treats. Or if youa��re a gin lover, you get a single serving of gin along with the traditional spread.

    Rs 550++ (per person)
    upwards. At ITC Gardenia, Residency Road. 3-5 pm.
    Details: 43455000
    a��Priyadarshini Nandy


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