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    Casual French cuisine in a bistro setting makes for a fun meal

    chinese5aFRENCH for a�?the bridgea��, Le Pont wasA�A� named because the circular curve of the wall resembles the bridge of a ship and is a visual treat. The walls, the chairs and tables are all painted a refreshing rustic green and portholes painted on the huge glass windows add to the feel of being inside a cozy dining room at sea.

    Starting off
    We decided to follow owner, Rajesh Naira��s recommendation on what to eat. Warm garlic bread topped with flakes of fried onion and garlic butter was served with a delicious pesto dip and we made short work of this complimentary starter.

    This was followed by the Oceanic Spicy Salad which consisted of prawns, fish, iceburg lettuce and capers, drizzled with a spicy dressing. The salad was a little disappointing because of the frozen prawns and the lettuce, that was rather limp when it should have been crisper. We then had a couple more starters of tangy, garlic chicken wings and a moderately spicy chilli beef which were both quite satisfactory. The starters and their prices change daily and can be found on their blackboard menu.

    Main affair
    The main course of Risotto Di Pollo E Gamberi Al VerdeA� a�� rice cooked in chicken stock with prawns, spinach and Le Ponta��s own twist of chinese5ca white sauce, and the tenderloin casserole a�� juliennes of beef with garlic, mushrooms and topped with delicately seasoned mashed potatoA�A� was again tasty and worth a try.

    To accompany the food, we tried one of their signature drinks, called the Paradise Island, which was wonderfully fresh, fruity and creamy a�� in fact almost a light dessert in itself!A� But that didna��t stop us from indulging in one of their recommended desserts, the Baked Cheese Cake with Fruit Coulis which was lovely, and as the menu description promised, pretty zesty.
    All in all, a nice place to hang out especially if you like European food with decent-sized portions, andA� pleasingly attentive and knowledgeable waitstaff.

    Rs. 1,200+ for two. At Coles Road, Frazer Town. Details: 8197248555

    a��Leila Alvares


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