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    Hollywood leading ladies walk away with roles written for their male counterparts, be it drama, violence or high octane action

    Ita��s interesting to note how screenwriter Taylor Sheridan refused to give into the pressure of changing Emily Blunta��s charactera��s gender in Sicario, despite being pressured by the financiers who even suggested theya��d increase the filma��s budget if she did. The end result: a fighting fit Blunt as a federal agent. Herea��s our list of actresses who can do what men do on screen, and perhaps even better.
    By: Team Indulge

    Lucy Liu
    That she can fight was obvious in the 2003-film Charliea��s Angels, and in Kill Bill. But Lucy Liu, known mostly for her television appearances, sent quite a few detective story fans in a tizzy when she came on the small screen as Dr Joan Watson in the serial Elementary, starring Johnny Lee Miller as the modern day Sherlock Holmes. Though there is chatter about how the two attractive characters ought to hook up eventually in the serial a�� that was never an option with the original male character!

    Tilda Swinton
    Last noticed for her role as Madam D in The Grand Budapest Hotel, Swinton has now signed on to play the Ancient One in the Marvel film Doctor Strange. Incidentally, in the comic books, the Ancient One is an Asian male sorcerer.

    Julia Roberts
    Shea��s going to be seen as an FBI Agent in the upcoming thriller Secret In Their Eyes, which is the American remake of the Argentinian Oscar winner, El Secreto de Sus Ojos. In the original film, Robertsa�� character was a man whose wife was murdered. But in the American version, the writers changed it to a woman agent whose teenage daughter has been brutally murdered. A revenge story, her role is a blend of two male characters in the original, and Roberts was reported as saying, a�?It takes two men to make one me.a�?

    Charlize Theron
    We saw what she could do in Mad Max: Fury Road. And now for Charlize Theron the action is far from over. Ita��s been said that she might just play the role that was originally intended for Brad Pitt in the spy thriller The Gray Man. In the original script, an assassin has to face quite a few adversaries to save girls who also (unknown to him) happen to be his daughters. Of course now with Theron geared up to play this part, the writers will have to rework that part out.

    Sandra Bullock
    Her role of an election consultant in the political drama Our Brand Is Crisis was originally written for Clooney. In fact the news of this gender swap even made it to the headlines. The film, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September and will see a theatrical release in January 2016, has Bullock as Jane Bodine, who goes to Bolivia for one last assignment. Directed by David Gordon Green, the film is based on the 2005-documentary of the same name.


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