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ITC Kakatiyaa��s Swasthya cuisine proves that healthy can be tasty

Can healthy food be tasty? ITC Kakatiyaa��s new Swasthya cuisine at Dakshin proves that taste and health can go hand in hand. Swasthya is about replacing western food with Indian substitutes which are green and healthy. The food, therefore, is light, feel-good and with the stamp of good health on it.
Reminding everyone of their roots, all the meals are segregated into five segments – arambham (welcome drink), prarambham (starters), annam (rice delicacies), bhojanam (main course) and madhuram (desserts). One can choose from 18 dishes out of which five are non-vegetarian delicacies in the menu. The concept of eating on a banana leaf truly defines south Indian culture and ITC has added a luxurious touch to it. The food is served on brass plates with banana leaf on it. There is no particular vegetarian and non-vegetarian thali concept but it is all a la carte.
Speaking about the Swasthya, executive chef Paul Noronha said, a�?We are the land of spices and we have everything green and healthy here in our land but we tend to search elsewhere. All the dishes made available for our guests in Swasthya cuisine has been discussed with nutritionists to keep the balance in diet at the same time healthy too.a�?
Your tour of Swasthya cuisine begins with fresh tender coconut water mixed with mint and honey. Definitely a refreshing start. For the starters, the restaurant offers dishes such as the spicy and watery Miriyala Charu (spiced vegetable broth tempered with pepper and garlic), protein-rich Meka Kalla Charu (hearty broth made from lamb trotters), smooth and flavourful cauliflower Melagu Paretti (cauliflower florets tossed with onion and pepper), Molaka Vittanalla Gare (steamed sprout and lentil patties), Kanava Melagu Roast (squids tossed with black pepper and chilies) and Meen Varuval (pan fried boneless fish napped with chilli and lemon).
Apart from this one can also avail Kerala dishes like Iddiappam (steamed rice vermicelli) and Appam (steamed lacy pancake cooked in a deep pan). For the main course, one can choose from eight dishes such as Dali Toi/Kootu (lentil tempered with garlic and vegetables), Dhappalam (Mix vegetables cooked in a piquant and spiced gravy), Padpe Upkari (seasonal greens with onion and coconut shavings), Kalan Battani Masala (mushroom and green peas cooked in onion and tomato gravy), Ulava Charu (rich and creamy horse gram liquid tempered with onions), Raagi Sanghati (finger millet flour and cooked rice), Palakoora Chapa (fresh water fish cubes tossed with spinach and spices) and Ulava Charu Kodi (Chicken cooked in piquant horse gram gravy).
Besides these, another highlight of the Swasthya cuisine is the desserts. The hotel serves Pesara Payasam (lentil and cane jaggery simmered in milk). The water served here for the guests are also made with herbs. This food festival will be greeting its guests till February 29 for lunch and dinner. Price ranges from Rs 215 – Rs 900. Details: 23400132


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