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    Head to the hills for a Coorg-style weekend of high octane fitness adventure

    Keeping up with the modern adventurists, the second edition of Nurtilitea��s Coorg Escapade 2015 gets bigger and more exciting. Scheduled to be held this weekend, the Escapade brings a variety of activities like treks, runs, kayaking, cycling and even yoga sessions to serve as a warm up before the more intense sports.0105MBLead5
    a�?It is an intense, high-energy and fun weekend, which will hopefully turn into a calendar event. We are expecting over 1,500 people at varied levels of fitness. So if your little tykes want to be part of the two kilometre run, and you want to hike 10 km, therea��s something for everyone,a�? shares founder Carun Carumbiah, whose company Next Level Sports Entertainment, is the official organiser. Pointing out that the activities will be based in and around the Chelavara Falls, midway between Virajpet and Madikeri, he says The Ultimate Trail Run will be the highlight.
    a�?The run, which will take participants through waterfalls, coffee plantations and hills, has four key categories, enabling anyone above the age of 12 to participate. Then there is The Coorg Ascent, a unique cycling event, through the winding roads of Coorga��with three climbs and two technical sections with 70 per cent being off road,a�? he tells us.
    If youa��re looking for a less intense experience, try the kayaking races on the Kakkabe river. But if ita��s a challenge youa��re looking for, Carumbiah suggests the Warrior of the Hills, which puts you in the line up for the 10K trail run, the cycling event and then a 100 metre speed kayaking race.
    May 2-3. At Coorg. Details: thecoorgescapade.com

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