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Bacardi NH7 Weekender is all about the celebration of music and we tell you why

Dubbed by its ever-increasing fan-base as the countrya��s a�?happiesta�� music festival, NH7 Weekender has become almost a pilgrimage of sorts for music lovers the country over. Having begun in the college-centric city of Pune in 2010, it debuted in Bangalore last year with a bang. Back to the city with its line-up of favourites spread across six dedicated stages, it promises to live upto the hyped anticipation and excitement of its fans. a�?Wea��ve never tried to be different from other festivals. BacardiA�NH7A�WeekenderA�is about the vibe, the music, and for us, ita��s about giving festival goers the best possible experience,a�? shares Vijay Nair, CEO of the name behind the event, Only Much Louder.

Dedicated spaces
The experience goes beyond the classic favourites and headlining acts. With the unveiling of the Red Bull Tour Bus stage that will host new and upcoming acts, the festival is also seen as a chance to be introduced to something new. Nair explains that a�?people now expect us to introduce them to music that they have not heard before. People expect to discover new music at the festival and over the years, acts like The Maganiyar Seduction, The Staves and Seun Kuti have been festival discoveries for a lot of peoplea�?.
The festival is not restricted by genre either. Across the six stages, they cover everything from live electronica and world music to reggae and dub acts and Indian and folk. While the attraction for many still remains the headlining acts on the main stage a�� the Bacardi Arena, others like the Dewarists Stage have gained steadily in popularity. And Nair shares a bit of advice about that, a�?Therea��s a lot of good music at the festival, so I suggest you plan your day a little, know who youa��d like to catch, but be open to discovering what might just become your next favourite band.a�?
Further adding to the experience is the special attention to decor and detail assigned to each stage. Giving it a vibe of its own, each arena carries elements close to its genre.

Broad spectrum
The line-up this year includes the Karsh Kale Collective, Bevar Sea and the Fender Benders on the main stage, Kailasa, Lucky Ali, Raghu Dixit and the Manganiyar Seduction by Roysten Abel on the Dewarists platform, Shaaa��ir + Func, Rob Garza and Nukleya at the Eristoff Wolves Den and acts like Swarathma, Nischay Parikh, Reggae Rajahs and Sound Avtar spread across the other three. Udyan Sagar, aka Nukleya, whose music is heavily influenced by the likes of Elayaraja and the original sound of the South, believes that the Bangalore audience is a lot more receptive to his style. a�?The audience in Bangalore is a lot more open to different styles of music and I have a lot more freedom with my set list because people there understand what Ia��m trying to do. That also comes from the fact that there is a special connection stemming from the heavy South Indian influence in my sound,a�? shares Sagar. Jishnu Dasgupta, of city-based outfit Swarathma, has played in every edition of the festival and believes that, a�?the music lovers here are the purest and of most distilled variety. There are music lovers of every genre and then there are those from Bangalore.a�? Dasgupta also tells us that the high quality of the production and OMLa��s attention to detail makes it an experience even the performers look forward to a�� a�?It results in everyone from the artistes to the audience being in a happy state-of-mind and that translates into the performances with every band bringing their best to NH7a�?.

Happy times
Look out for added incentives like a�?a lot of art, a bazaar with fun, quirky products, and of course some great fooda�� as well as exclusive merchandise, Meet-and-Greet sessions with artistes, shuttle services through Grallo and hotel tie-ups through Soundtrot for those coming in from out of town.

November 23-24. Regular Season Pass: Rs3,750 available at
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