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    Learn the three principles of child rearing in Sonali Bendre Behla��s new book

    Read Sonali Bendre Behla��s The Modern Gurukul and it shines through that she is a hands-on kind of parent. Shea��s the mum whoa��d listen to her sona��s music, just so she can discuss it with him; shea��s the mum whoa��ll practise push-ups ahead of asking her son to take it up. Ask her about her recent entry to Twitter, and expectedly, you hear this: a�?I need to understand this world that Ranveer (the son) is in.a�? And on making time for work, the protagonist of the recently-concluded TV serial, Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Yeh,A� says, a�?I shoot one day a week or once in 10 days. As we live with my husbanda��s parents, we have the luxury of a good support system to take care of Ranveer.a�?
    Life lessons
    Her book is a detailed recounting of her experiences and choicesa��from the time she delivered her son (in 2005). Categorised broadly under the three principles of Do it Yourself, Accept Failures and Draw the Line, the book is an inspiring guide to parents sometimes and assumes a didactic tone otherwise. The book broaches rather intimate detailsa��like her sona��s choppy speech, her husbanda��s dyslexia and, on a lighter note, the Sarfarosh actressa�� love for her own voice. a�?Ia��ve shied away from social media for so long because Ia��m a very private person. But I felt compelled to write this,a�? she says. a�?This is a book for working moms. But when Goldie (husband Goldie Behl) read the manuscript, he said it was strange that we had seen the same incidents concerning our son from completely different perspectives. So it would be great if fathers read the book, too.a�?
    Changing seasons
    On the professional front, the 40-year-old actress-turned-TV personality, hosts the Colors show Mission Sapne, where celebrities don the role of the common man for a day by doing regular jobs on the streets. a�?Nobody can change the world at one go, but this show gives us an opportunity to do our bit, as actors. Ia��m currently shooting the second season,a�? she says. Behl was also the judge on the first season of Indiaa��s Best Dramabaaz, Zee TVa��s talent hunt show for children (telecast in 2013). a�?Shoot for the second season is starting this week. I enjoy the show as I feel good being amongA� kids,a�? she says. The actor says she may not have the concave tummy she used to, but feels fitter now. a�?Ia��m fitter though I regret not getting back in shape sooner,a�? she admits. What is her fitness regimen? a�?Nothing fancy. I do a half-hour workout four times a weeka��it is very functional training.a�?

    Published by Random House India, The Modern Gurukul is priced Rs 250. Details: amazon.in

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