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    Funny man Cyrus Broacha on defining moments of the past year

    CheerfulA�Broacha shares especially happy moments on the year gone by.

    The Brasil World Cup:

    I actually watched the World Cup in Africa a�� four years late to catch the previous one, but it brought the world together. And we Indians ceased to be Indian. For a month we became Italian, Brazillian, German, Argentinian, English and Spanish. But ask us who the president or PM of those countries area��that is the real test, I say!

    Mission Mars:

    That was a definite feather in our cap. Not only was it something to cheer about in an otherwise morbid year, but it was also the countrya��s first mission to the Red Planet and debut into interplanetary spaceflight. A fantastic bonus!

    2612CultureLead4The Nobel Prize:

    Indian childrena��s rights activist Kailash Satyarthi winning the peace prize was a huge deal. It made the world realise that we do have achievers in the country apart from those who make fools of themselves!


    Saying that strange things are now the order of the day, and we can only expect absurd things to become more acceptable, he goes on to tell us his pick of the odd, starting with current favourite bakra Rahul Gandhi.

    Rahul Gandhi:

    His one interview with Arnab Goswami sealed the politiciana��s personality. And forget the interview going viral in English, it was amazing to see how it trickled down to regional languages. The social media is truly a powerful tool!

    Kim Kardashiana��s bum:

    Or her two bums. Or whatever they are! She tried to even break the Internet with it. But truth be told, I sometimes watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians. And as much as I try though, to keep up with them, I cannot.


    It was such a disillusioning film. But after I watched it, I understood why Christopher Nolan named it a�?Intera��stellar. Now he will make Prestellar to tell us why he made the film and then he will release a Poststellar to explain the entire film to us. Since trilogies are the a�?ina�� thing!

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