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    Many radio stations stream their FM content on the web, but the concept of e-radio or web casting hasna��t really taken off in India. One could blame internet speeds, no coverage zones and the lack of penetration in rural areas as factors. That said, internet radio hasna��t caught the massesa�� fancy in the main cities as well. Ita��s still limited to a small cluster of music lovers who have had enough of terrestrial units and find the web an uncluttered space to listen to their music. However, internet radio will be the next big trend for listeners in the countrya��not only because it is about uninterrupted music or great talk, but also about creating your own radio station.
    Applea��s internet radio offering makes terrestrial radio units look like bonsais. Reaching over 100 countries, and with star hosts like Zane Lowe, Ebro Darden and the like, the brand has obviously understood the power of the internet. Ita��s your music anywhere, any time.
    On the internet, the choices are plenty. Setting up an internet station is still inexpensive. Yes, you do need some money to hook a good server up for your mix, and an app (preferably) for users to listen on, but a website would also do. With a bit of reading up on copyright laws and the likes, you are good to web cast.
    To be honest, the process can be more complex. But you have specialists who will sort out every issue and create a plan for you. In fact, a while back in my column, Ia��d featured Isai4u.com, who are pioneers when it comes to setting up internet radio stations. All you have to do is choose your music and send in your a�?talka��,A� and after that the station airs 24/7.
    With all the mood-mapping and jaw-dropping programming techniques FM stations boast of, they still sound similar. You will not find this on the internet as good web stations have figured out their differentiating factor which they proudly back, and thata��s what has made them popular the world over.
    On the frequency, everyone is running an imaginary race and that shows in the ad-breaks. This is not the case on the triple a�?wa��. Ita��s easy, imaginative and extremely listener-friendly. That is what true radio is all about. See you next week.

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