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    Saorise Ronan and Emory Cohenlend a touch of romance to Brooklyn

    DIRECTOR JOHNAi?? Crowleyai??i??s romantic drama Brooklyn, based on the novel of the same name by Irish author Colm TA?ibAi??n, was nominated for three Academy Awards last year ai??i?? for Best Picture, Best Actress, and Best Adapted Screenplay. Set in the early-1950s, it tells the story of Ellis Lacey, a young Irish woman moving to Brooklyn, where she falls in love. We chat with the lead
    actors Saoirse Ronan and Emory Cohen.

    How does the film reflect Colm TA?ibAi??nai??i??s book?
    Saorise Ronan: People really connect to Colmai??i??s writing. Itai??i??s very personal, and he writes women with so much detail, heart and understanding. If it was put in the right hands, which it was with Nick (Hornby; screenplay writer), and (producers) Finola (Dwyer) and Amanda (Posey), you could only bring something great like that to life in a lovely way.

    How did you relate with your character, Ellis?
    SR: You can look back and go, ai???Okay, I did it,ai??? like with Ellis ai??i?? she makes this entire journey, and itai??i??s
    tough and hard, and then sheai??i??s able to look back at the end and realise, ai???Oh, I did actually get through it.ai???

    Was it easy finding a sense of chemistry with Saoirse? Beconase costo emory-and-saorise
    Emory Cohen: We kind of went into it, and allowing ourselves to play at being in-character-ish together.
    I was shy around her, very nervous, and I let myself be that way.

    How do you see the film resonating with todayai??i??s audiences?
    EC: Iai??i??d say, in terms of the romantic side of it, thereai??i??s this timeless desire for that kind of courtship, that kind of chivalry and intimacy. The same thing has to do with the homesickness side of the story, discovering who you are, having to go out in the world, be your own person, and all that.
    A lot of it resonates ai??i?? even in our double hashtag culture.

    A word on the costumes by the designer Odile Dicks-Mireaux?
    SR: Odile is good with that classic, romantic look. She puts so much consideration into the journey of this character, and her outfits, clothes and her look reflect that. It was a gradual thing, and you only notice when she goes home, how her fashion has started to change.

    Brooklyn premieres on Star Movies on February 25 at 6.30 pm.

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