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From Sports Illustrated and film roles, Brooklyn Decker is now invading prime time television slots on Friends With Better Lives

A new version of FRIENDS is on air and Friends With Better Lives (#FWBL) will have you in splits every Tuesday evening. The ensemble show, where leggy lass Brooklyn Decker plays a bubbly character, Jules Talley, who keeps meeting a�?the onea��, is about six palsA�who each have topsy-turvy relationships and wonder who really does have the better life. The model-turned-actress tells us more about what makes her click as Jules.

OTBLead3Playing Jules Talley
She is a deliriously happy girl who has just met her umpteenth a�?the onea��. Shea��s probably the most loving and supportive one of her group of friends, but can be dangerously naive at times. She looks to Andi (one of the six) and longs for her family stability. And I relate to Jules. I think shea��s a much better version of myself. I would like to think Ia��m not as naA?ve, but we share the same optimism and unconditional love for friends.

The concept of #FWBL
It is pretty simple; ita��s about a group of friends who started out at the same place in their life and as theya��ve grown older, they start to head down different paths. They try to maintain their relationships and friendships, all while wondering if the others in their circle might have it a little better. We can all relate to a�?the grass is greenera�� idea even if we dona��t want to admit it. Ia��d be lying if I hadna��t looked at friends and family members and had a little bit of that a�?hmmm that seems like a really nice life to havea��.

Working with an ensemble cast
I loved working with my cast. It was probably the best part of the show for me. Going to rehearsal every day and just trying to make each other laugh.A�It was special. The fact that we play a group of best friends, it was nice not having to force those friendships in real life. In fact, the girls, Zoe, Majandra and I, became very close. We had sleepovers and would act like giddy 12-year-old girls when we came to set.

Influence on your perception
Ia��ve always had a pretty realistic grasp on relationships. They go through ebbs and flows. Nowadays, with social media, people showcase their a�?greatest hits albuma�� the best moments, the best meals etc. Ita��s easy to set an unrealistic standard for your own life after seeing that; but no life is perfect and I think our show taps into the humor of that.

All time favourite show
West Wing. I love Aaron Sorkina��s quick wit and fast paced dialogue.

Tuesdays, 11pm on Romedy NOW

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