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    Royce chocolate from Hokkaido comes to the city via a pop up at Good Earth

    MADE with Japanese precision, Royce chocolate squares can be addictive. They are satisfyingly bitter (Ghana chocolate), sweet or even bubbly and easy to savour. In the city at a pop-up at Good Earth for just two days (till tomorrow), Hokkaidoa��s best kept secret is bound to find many converts. While it comes in 300 different varieties back in Japan, in India, at Mumbaia��s flagship store, there are about 25 categories of the chocolate treat.

    The branda��s fleeting visit in Chennai will see bestsellers like the Nama (truffle like, and dusted with cocoa powder, the squares are to be handled with tiny spatulas to maintain the ideal 20 degree centigrade temperature), chocolate potato crisps, and chocolate wafers that Indian distributor, Samir Gadhok, has jokingly referred to as a�?a�?Kit-Kat on steroidsa��a�� in the past.
    Gadhok and his wife, Avani Raheja, from Burgundy Hospitality, introduced Royce to India back in 2013, at about the same time the brand made its debut in New York.

    Admitting that the growth in both countries have been distinct, with the latter favouring the more innovative products, he is certain India will easily take to another global favourite, the Maccha line. Powdered premium green tea leaves are blended with the chocolate to create green bars, wafers and more. a�?a�?The regulations regarding Maccha are a bit grey in our country. But it will come here within eight months,a��a�� observes Gadhok. Given how he has managed to convince the Japanese to set up shop here despite their reservations over the supply chain, our money is on the 32-year-old chocolate entrepreneur.
    Starting from Rs 495.
    Details: 42664376

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