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The clause ‘order responsibly’ makes the Sunday afternoon session at Olive Bistro even more memorable

Let’s admit it.Hyderabadis are a lazy lot. And here comes a Sunday brunch from Olive Bistro that is bound to take them a step further in this league. But then, one has got to cut some slack on the weekend and indulge in it, especially when the key phrase is ‘Picnic by the lake’ and comes with a spoiler alert ‘Order responsibly.’
Says Shaaz Mehmood, who owns the bistro that turns three next month, “The regular brunch was leading to a lot of wastage of food. That’s when we thought of curating a tabled brunch and since the weather is amazing in the city, what better idea than to bring in the outdoorsy element?”
Says Executive Sous Chef Arun D’Souza, “We insist that diners exercise their choice of option while ordering.”
True to its name, the Olive Bistro Sunday Picnic Table Brunch happens on an lazy Sunday afternoon by the Durgam Cheruvu.
On arrival guests are welcomed and given picnic baskets packed with French breads, fresh juices, fruits, flowers, napkins; everything needed to lay the perfect picnic table. The brunch features a choice of specialties with live pizza and pasta counters, grills and a classic dessert counter. The chicken and waffles that comes with freshly orange juice and chilli marinated chicken, cornmeal waffles, honey chilli syrup and pickled watermelon rinds is definitely the highlight.
A wide variety of wood-fired over pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and pastas, cocktails and mocktails will fulfill every foodie’s desires. The dessert counter is exhaustive with a choice of Mirror Cake with Drunken Fruits Chocolate Mud Pie etc.
Time: 12 pm – 11 pm. Price Rs 1,500 plus taxes and `2,000 plus taxes (with alcohol). Entry by reservation only. Details: 69999127

— Manju Latha Kalanidhi


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