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    In a detour from the usual pricey affairs, Ashvita provides a pocket friendly option

    ASHVITA6A Sunday brunch in the city isna��t usually easy on the pocket. And if you try everything served up in your uptown five-star hotel, it isna��t easy on the stomach either. Ashvitaa��s spread breaks through both these notions, providing a decent-sized variety priced at a delectably low Rs. 350. Introduced last week, we were piqued to see exactly what the bistro in Abhiramapuram would be able to provide for a price that they normally charge for two sandwiches. Neatly laid out on three tables in their outdoor area, there are a choice of rolls and fresh juices, which are brunch staples. Breaking away from tradition, Ashvita places their dessert right beside the rolls, so quite a few happy a�?brunchersa�� were digging into the cupcakes and carrot cake at the start of their meal. The cupcakes were a disappointment though, and nowhere close to the moist delights that we have come to savour at Ashvita.

    As our spicier taste buds began protesting for attention, we turned to the sausages, bacon and grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and curried beans. Most of the above tasted as they would at a homely bed and breakfast a�� flavoursome, but ever-so-slightly rubbery. Perhaps to keep the multi cuisine spirit alive, there was also a Chinese fried rice and chicken option that went down quite nicely. With eggs and pancakes to order, therea��s little else you can ask for when youa��re paying in three figures. The food aside, possibly the best thing is that theya��re open from 9 am (which is when brunches should begin) to 3 pm, making it an option, both for the teetotallers and those nursing a bad hangover. Details: 42109990

    -Daniel Thimmayya


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