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    Sheraton Park becomes Crowne Plaza and celebrations begin with a a�?truncha�� at the hotel on TTK Road

    There ARE many motives behind our journey from Ambattur to Crowne Plaza this Sunday. For starters, this is the first wea��re hearing from the erstwhile Sheraton Park Hotel & Towers since its rebranding. Secondly, the chefs at Cappuccino insist wea��re to try their new Sunday spread coined a�?truncha�� (more on that in a few lines). And finally, chef Harish, who headed the kitchen at Dakshin, is back after a stint in New Delhi, and wants to share plans as the chef de cuisine at the hotel.
    Make your time
    In Cappuccino, we are greeted by enthusiastic chefs who seem thrilled despite us walking in at 3 pm on a Sunday. A little late for brunch, you wonder? Well, we are here for a�?truncha�� and that encompases a hearty lunch that runs into tea. a�?Ideally, you should come in when we open (12.30 pm) and begin with beer and starters. When youa��re done with mains, take a walk by the pool and come back for chai with snacks. I would spend at least three and a half hours,a�? says Harish, as we wonder how to explain that this is easier said than done for a working journalist.
    The big spread
    Anyway, we give the Kingfisher and Prosecco a miss and start with a platter of seafood, fresh off the griddle. Just perusing the spread makes us dizzy, what with eveything from prawn cocktails to pork belly and even shawarma. Do prepare yourself for surprises, as the chefs break into dance and bring healthy specials of the day to your table. We are treated to a tangy Spanish paella made with foxtail millet, but you might even get a barley risotto or a burghul and rajma. How you will wade through the biryanis and braised lamb shanks we dona��t know, for all we manage beyond this, is a cutting chai and a rasam vada, before heading straight to the dessert counter for heady baked Alaska flambA�ed with dark rum.
    Rs 2,500 plus tax with alcohol. Details: 24994101

    Ryan Peppin

    Meanwhile, at Dakshin
    Given all the management changes, youa��re probably wondering if the F&B outlets at the hotel are also undergoing a rebranding. Allow us to clarify that save for Dublin a�� which will once again be known as G2 (Gatsby 2,000) a�� the others remain unchanged, with Dakshin going back to being the only one in the country. While chef Praveen Anand promises plenty of food festivals celebrating South Indian food over the next few months (with a version two of their Pondicherry festival coming up soon), we suggest you visit them past midnight, to try the potlam rice (a mix of rice, curry and meat in a parcel) they have introduced. It has been selling out every Friday and Saturday night (12 am to 3 am), the only two nights it is available.


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