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    Little Eye Labs joins bigwigs Facebook

    The actual dream of Little Eye Labs began in 2012, but the emotional one started in 2010 when former colleagues Kumar Rangarajan, Satyam Kandula, Lakshman Kakkirala, Giridhar Murthy, Aditya Kulkarni, Gaurav Lochan and Srikant Sahay decided to do something different. a�?That means creating something new and starting afresh,a�? begins Rangarajan, Chief Ion (as they refer to themselves). The company created a system for performance analysis that identifies and fixes problems in Android apps. And the dream got bigger when they were acquired by Facebook last month a�� the social networking gianta��s first Indian venture.

    Ion flux
    a�?We make a good app, even better, by looking into minute but very important details. We try to understand the consumersa�� mind, from a technical point of view,a�? Rangarajan tells us, before explaining further in laymana��s terms once he caught the baffled look on our faces. a�?So for example, an app uses too much power, we fix that so it doesna��t drain your battery,a�? he tells us. And then on, ita��s all smooth sailing for the app (and us).

    First brought into the limelight by Google at the annual Google I/O conference in 2013, the team was already on the Zuckerberg radar to bring on board the novel concept. a�?We measure performance and resource consumption in context to apps so you are aware of what kind of person, where, how and why, is using it,a�? the Chief Ion says, elaborating that it doesna��t even need coding. a�?All you need to do is plug in and youa��ll be ready for an app profile,a�? he tells us. And that is exactly what they will be doing (and far more we suspect) at Menlo Park, headquarters of the social networking company.

    Details: littleeye.co

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