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    They say I suffer from FoMoa��not to be confused with the more common MoFo. This weekend my FoMo is peaking.
    Firstly, I have to clarify to all my suspicious friends that Bay 146 is not paying me to hustle their scene. Honestly. It just happens to have created a brand for interesting and varied live acts, and till Krish Kumara��s Slate (an experimental performance space being created within Sir Mutha Hall) opens, I will swear by it. Where else can I get to see a Mumbai-based hard rock band called Arquebus! Firstly, I love names that need Googling. It takes me back to the days of Hoobastank, Gwar, Sepultura, Steppenwolf and Rammsteina��when there was no Google to Google on. And, after a month of deep house and EDM, that was just what Dr Feelgood had ordered.
    Unfortunately, that night, ArquebusA� needed the doctor more than I did. All bands have bad nights and this was theirs. Revathi and her sound engineer husband, Sean Bout, were there celebrating their wedding anniversary and kept the banda��s hopes alive by asking for solosa��from everyone other than the singer, though. Thankfully, the evening was saved by the earlier set performed by hitherto unheard of local band, Kodari.
    At the end of the day, I guess Chennai always rocks. Because at one end the Leela hosted an exclusive champagne dinner by the pool and under the moonlit sky, featuring some heady champagnes like Taittinger Brut, Taittinger Prestige Rose Brut and Taittinger Comtes de Champagne, all paired with a delectable four-course meal. Needless to say the pick of the evening was the real deala��Clovis Taittinger himself.
    And at the other end was the first-ever rendition of the epic Aurangzeb, in Tamil. I took my 10-year-old daughter for it and while our collective understanding of Tamil is limited to a�?Madras bashaia��, the play held us both in rapt attention. I had been warned that director Bala always starts on time and this time was no exception. A minimalist set at the super-comfortable auditorium of the Alliance Francaise was converted into a sound and lights treat for children and grown ups alike. Kudos to the crew at Theatre Nisha for some excellent casting and very smart sound work.
    The writer is a brand consultant and IoT starter Paloma Rao will be back next month

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