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    For a big serving of ambient drama and menu options head to The Ninja

    Set SQUARELY in the middle of Koramangalaa��s food street, The Ninja is a place you should visit, preferably with a big boisterous group of friends with big appetites. Mainly because ita��s an unpretentious buffet spot with a crowd pleasing menu at a wallet-friendly price. So you can avoid all the complex guess work or tastebud clashes.

    Food8lead9-Ninja is set in, what appears to be, a cave of sorts with an ambience that is cheerfully over the top. In fact, the whole restaurant resembles a movie set or a lavish setting for a Halloween party. An elaborate bar with exotic masks vie for attention with artificial trees soaring through the ceiling and chairs crafted out of swords and shields. The seating is comfy, casual, and makes for a fun place to hang out in.

    On the cards
    The bartender takes his elaborate cocktail list quite seriously a�� enthusiastically whipping up towering creations that he skillfully flambees, even at the risk of singeing eyebrows. He is also adept at the more sedate classics like martinis, or organising a heady round of shots to get the party started.

    From among the whopping 50 dishes listed on the menu, there are ten veggie and non-veggie starters besides the salads. Cubes of fish in ginger seasoning, chicken in honey chilli, dimsums, kebabs, and even sushi makes a somewhat diffident appearance in the line-up.
    Pace yourself though and keep in mind the mains are quite hearty a�� noodles, biriyanis, rotis, dals, curries and everything in between. If you have a sweet tooth, they have ten desserts on offer as well a�� like phirnis, date pancakes and crisp honey noodles.

    Rs. 475 upwards. At JNC Road, Koramangala. Details: 61344901

    a��Jackie Pinto


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