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    Trail nuts and ancient seeds are passA� for these celebrities who snack on fried ants and earthworm omelettes instead

    Martinis, anyone?holylzacA
    It was in 2010 that actor Zac Efron got his first taste of the exotic. And by that we mean scorpions. On the George Lopez show, he ate a scorpion on toast. And, over the years, the 27-year-old has grown fond of bugs for lunch. His favourite is the Taiwanese cricket. a�?That is the best one,a�? the actor enthuses. However, Efron has had his share of the gross food experiences, tooa��like the Super Worm Cocktail, a concoction of creepy crawlies marinated in lime juice and served in a martini glass. He called it the worst of them all. On a recent episode of Bear Grylls, the actor was made to dig up earthworms and look for other possible protein sources to eat. He made earthworm omelettes on the show and even had them. Now that is hard on our appetite.

    Worms for Cage
    While youa��ll have to wait to actually see him eat worms, Norman Reedus, who plays the rugged Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, is apparently happy to munch on them. Executive producer Greg Nicotero revealed that Reedus ate real worms while filming the latest episode, Them with No Qualms. a�?a�?I think he was gung-ho about doing it. But I would be surprised if he, by the time we are done, didna��t regret it slightly,a��a�� Nicotero said. When talking about it on the show Conan, Reedus got host Conan Oa��Brien to admit that hea��d eaten fried bugs on the show, while admitting that he does all sorts of things for the camera. Reedus ate the worms as a tribute to Nicholas Cagea��s cockroach eating in Vampirea��s Kiss.

    Jungle girlMaureen McCormick at the 5th Annual TV Land Awards. Barker Hanga
    She is widely known for portraying Marcia Brady on The Brady Bunch show, in the 70s. But now American actress Maureen McCormick has left behind that cute image and is, instead, living the rough life on Ia��m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! The 58-year-old, who is a vegetarian, was reluctantly made to eat fly pupae during a challenge called a�?Yuck of the Draw.a�� Remarking that she had no idea what to expect, she shoved the entire wooden spoon into her mouth and swallowed harda��all the while hitting the table to show her disgust. Eating a cockroach, on her next challenge, seemed to be easier, but she later admitted that it was a�?the hardest thing (she) has ever, ever donea��.

    Extreme appetite
    Looks like even cricketers whoa��ve entered tinseltown have jumped on the bug-eating band wagon. Batsman Andrew Flintoff ate a giant cockroach as part of the first series of the Australian version of the reality show, Ia��m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! After swallowing it, the 37-year-old cried, a�?Oh my word. The back end of it is horrible!a�? Host Chris Brown reportedly threw up after watching Flintoff eat the bug.

    Ant march
    This nature loving, shampoo avoiding, clay eating Hollywood actress has a new fetish to add to her list. Shailene Woodley recently said, a�?Ia��ve eaten ants and bugs, and it was great. I think the future of food is insects, so wea��ll see what happens.a�? Her thoughts are shared by researchers and scientists. a�?Crickets are pretty commonly eaten because they are a great source of protein and easy to rear on organic food material. Therea��s a smaller carbon footprint on these insects compared to beef, chicken, pork and fish,a�? said Lou Sorkin, a senior scientific assistant at the American Museum of Natural History.

    Mrinalini Sundar & Aakanksha Devi


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