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    A new kind of trading includes spirits, wines and liqueur

    Happy hours are now apparently passe as Mihir Desai and Amit Singh of a�?Coruma��, the duo behind the successful The Big Bang Bar and Cafe and Masala Zone in Mumbai, present a nouveau bar concept chain that will keep you seriously engaged whether youa��re drinking, gambling or trading.

    Food Masala Zone MumbaiThe Bar Stock Exchange, currently only open in Mumbai, is expected to begin trading at two exchanges in Bengaluru within the next few months. Touted as the most technologically advanced bar in India, the concept works on the demand-supply algorithm. So you get the thrills of a�?investinga�� in drinks and cocktails when the price is low. Fully equipped with live feeds, three massive screens to update you on the prices, you should head to any of the three outlets in Mumbai to try your hand at the stock market.
    How stuff works
    The principle is based on the actual stock exchange. The base price is set for the day and goes up or down depending on the demand. Since all prices begin at MRP, if you are alert, you could be sipping on Old Monk at `17, Kingfisher at `65 per pint, even Black & White whiskey at just `87. Certain luxe drinks like Dom Perignon dona��t move up or down much, but at a starting price of `20,000 it is not too surprising. We love that the mixers too come at a base price, which means that if you time your order correctly, the Coca Cola you add to your spirits could set you back by as little as `7.
    If you are really into stock market trading, their recently launched app will spice things up further. All you need is to download the app, log in and set up your table number so the billing is correct. Then as you watch the screen and prices fluctuate, you can instantly order your drinks to get the best rates as soon as the rate falls. To ensure that people dona��t mess with the system, a steward will promptly (literally within 10 seconds) appear to confirm your order, before it is processed. Prices do reset after a point, so you arena��t likely to fork out an absurd `5,000 for a pint of beer or `10,000 for ABSOLUT vodka. Like in the stock exchange, if the markets crash, an alarm will sound, the screens all over the bar go blank at first and then reset to MRP.
    Food rates are fixed and may seem a little on the pricey side, although we hear they compensate in terms of taste. The trademark gong signals the beginning of trading at 6.30 pm before which drinks too are sold at a fixed rate.
    TBSE is open for lunch (12 pm to 4 pm) and dinner (6 pm to 1.30 am) and has an extensive food menu. Chef Jerson has put together an interesting line-up of Tex-mex, American, Indian, European and Lebanese delicacies. There are ample options for starters, a wide array of main courses and a comprehensive range of hand-crafted desserts to choose from.

    Details: barstockexchange.com
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