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    One-ways, traffic and the ever-expanding city have considerably increased drive time. Therefore, the time spent listening to radio could have fractionally increased as wella��an opportunity for radio stations to capitalise on. Radio One is doing this with their offering of back-to-back music. Ita��s a brilliant move by the station and listeners love it because, for once, the music is doing the talking.
    Ita��s when you have great music and bad programming that you have a worry. A few weeks ago, I unfortunately got to listen to a show called Sunny Side Up. Ita��s one of those gigs that will make you steer your car off the road, so do fasten your seat belts if you want to sample it. Ita��s an example of how a radio show should not be. Yes, it has great music, but the jock talk makes you want to flip to another station.
    I heard the host mention (in these words) with regards to what a family can do together: a�?How do you get your kids interested in a projecta��to make them pay attentiona��considering that most kids suffer from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) with YouTube and all the kinds of videos we show them?a�? How can one assume that most children suffer from ADHD? Ita��s like assuming that most nurses/ caretakers suffer from Munchausen syndrome by proxy. I hope the host does not get into any legal wrangle in case an emotional parent were to stand up and contest that line.
    What flat lines the show is the amateur treatment, lispy tonality, misplaced advice, pretentious presentation and the thank yous at the end, which you would have probably seen on an Oscar night. The interesting part is that no feedback can be given about the show because the host heads programming. Talk about conflict of interest! Magic on radio does not happen by putting mouth to the microphone. You have to use your mind as well and only then will the city accept you as a genuine radio presenter. See you next week with more radio talk.


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