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    Get your heads around these five globetrotting street performers. Order mentate

    While the term busking maybe unusual in the vocabulary of local street performances, the art certainly isnai??i??t.

    Phoenix MarketCity will come to life this week, with the International Superstars of Street Theatre, bringing together acrobatics, juggling, handstands on high chairs, and pot balancing.

    Opening their performance on Saturday, the teamai??i??Dynamike (Vancouver), Maple Staplegun and TNT Show (Barcelona), Dado (Montreal) and Katay Santos (Venezuela)Ai??ai??i?? looks forward to enthralling an unsuspecting mall audience with their act. A sneak peek into their lineup reveals that The TNT show will be the first to take stage, with an exploding cartoon bomb being the hero of the show.

    Going by the first impression of things, these artists start off with the shock value that their individual acts offer.

    Dynamike aka Mike, a master of juggling chainsaws, answers the most obvious question ai???Why chainsaws?ai??? by mimicking it, saying, ai???Because everyone wants to know why chainsaws.ai???

    Drawing on an almost Freudian understanding of audience reactions, the character played by Daniel (stage name Dado) slips in to the purview of a grotesque theatre clown.

    A little jog through memory lane and Dado relives the time, almost 14 years ago, when he picked up the trench coat at a Salvation Army store, which is now an essential part of his act.

    Kiki Vita (TNT Show) and Amelia Cadwaller (Maple Staplegun) present a mixture of physical theatre and comedy.

    The TNT Show brings to life scenes from the cartoon world and finishes off with a bang, as its name suggests.

    Speaking of her stage identity, Amelia reveals that Maple was a commonly searched name on the internet, while Staplegun was a play on the name Stapleton. The limber 39-year-old has now been performing for over 20 years.

    Katay Santos, who specialises in precarious balancing acts and has performed in over 17 countries, however, prefers his given name any day.

    The team canai??i??t stop raving about India. Dado, however, is a little sceptical about the audienceai??i??sAi?? reaction to sarcasm. ai???I guess people in India are not bitter,ai??? he says, with a laugh.

    The group, which is currently in Goa, seems to be enjoying the sights and sounds and some of the ai???best lasagnaai??i?? around.

    At Phoenix MarketCity. December 3-4. Noon to 9 pm. Details: 66513007

    ai??i??Rebecca Vargese


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