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    Priya Tannaa��s colla-borative collection is all about comfort and style

    BOMBAY Shirts Company has done it again. The online custom made shirt brand is out with their third capsule collection and this time it has been designed by the Vogue India editor, Priya Tanna. The collection has 12 shirtsa��including short and long sleeved, shirt-dresses, classic whites, baggy and so on. The Mumbai-based editor says, a�?This collection has shirts for all body types and occasions. Accessorise the classic white shirt dress with a long tribal silver necklace and neutral slides.a�? Pick from fabrics like denim, cotton and satin with detailing on shirt buttons, cuffs, collars and pockets.
    Akshay Narvekar, CEO of Bombay Shirts Company, says that the idea was to have 12 shirts for 12 different occasions representing 12 different parts of life. The first capsule collection was designed by GQ magazine editor, Che Kurrien, while actor Purab Kohli designed the second. While the line-up of editors is a coincidence, Narvekar shares that they will collaborate with anyone who is in a creative space, be it a chef, an actor or a photographer.
    Narvekar further shares, a�?The idea is two folda��we are getting someone who is influential and giving us and our customers a fresh collection from their point of view while the collaborator is also able to reach a new audience. There is also a charity anglea��10 per cent of whatever we get from the collection goes to a charity of the collaboratora��s choice.a�?

    `1,990 onwards. Details: bombayshirts.com

    a�� Saloni Sinha


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