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Sari pact

The newly-opened Kanchipuram JS Babu Silks boasts of six yards of designer fare that cost up to `2 lakh

pg4-1Nestled in a green alley of Somajiguda is Hyderabada��s newly-opened branch of Kanchipuram JS Babu Silks with its exquisite and expensive Kanjeevaram Pattu saris. The sari store has an array of delightful range of silks that is already drawing crowd of aficionados to its grand one-storey showroom. The handcrafted fabrics come in myriad colours, motifs and ranges. They have another store at Kukatpally.
The palette encompasses kaleidoscopic colours of Persian blue, mustard yellow, bright orange cherry red, parrot green, blush pink, violet, peacock blue to russet, terracotta, maroon and faced to paler ones like beige, sandalwood-pink, and mild-lavender. The fabric is air-light and the zari mixed with pure silver or threads amalgamated with gold polish. The reason why the cloth is so light-weight is because it is handwoven.
a�?Weaving a sari can take from seven to 45 days depending on how intricate the design is. More the motifs (flowers, paisleys, birds etc) longer it takes,a�? the staff inform. The saris are all woven in Kanjeevaram, known for its handlooms from ages. This city in Tamil Nadu, just 72 km away from Chennai, is famous for silk sari weaving industry. We pick five most expensive saris:
Paithani sari: It was breathtaking to see this red sari adorned with motifs of birds sitting on lotus stems. The border is in golden and the work intricate.
Price `1,18,000
Kanjeevaram pattu sari: It’s dusky gold with pink flowers adorning the borders and the pallu. Price `1,14,000
Pariya pattu: A pure silver zari work that gives the sari its mild sheen. On the ice-pink colour are embellished dull-gold flowers with entwining stems. Price `96,000
Vastrakala pattu: It is a blend of peacock blue and shades of rose-pink. Big and tiny golden flowers stretch from broad borders to the wide pallu. Price: `86,000.
Kubera pattu: Ii’s a mix of purple and slight golden tinge. The motifs are paisleys that stand out. `58,000 Details: 9849012620 a�� Saima Afreen



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