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Unwind over great grills and refreshing cocktails at this new poolside venue

On the rooftop and by the pool, the newly opened Whitefield Bar and Grill is the perfect setting for a leisurely meal on a warm evening. The theme is rustic, with charming wooden furniture (flown in from Jaipur, wea��re told), striking light fixtures and a relaxed vibe.
The food itself is a fusion of everything from Indian and Mediterranean to South American, with a special focus on keeping it all as natural and organic as possible. Every table also features a selection of homemade sauces, from smoked BBQ to pickled baby capsicum to mixed vegetables. A refreshing and light Smoked Beetroot salad started us off on a great note. The fresh flavours from the beetroot were well complemented by quinoa, orange chunks, toasted walnuts and fresh mint a�� the contrasting colours and textures making the salad bowl look as pretty as a picture.

Fishy business
We then moved on to the Ceviche a�� poached and diced snapper tossed with pomegranate, chilli and coriander. a�?Ita��s usually just cured with lemon juice, but keeping peoplea��s preferences in mind, we poach
the fish,a�? explains Italian chef, Marouane Rahali , who also runs the popular Alto Vino on the ground floor. The flavour from the fish blended with the freshness of the coriander, tartness of the pomegranate
seeds and heat of the chilli, hit the spot and proved to be the ideal bowl of comfort food we were looking for, after making it through a hot day.
The drinks menu is a mix of classics and their spin on classics. A must try is the Smokina�� Barrels a�� oak smoked single malt with bitters. The burgers here are something to write home about. For those who love their hearty beef patties, the Cheese Burger is highly recommended. Packed with a juicy patty, aged cheddar, pickled cucumbers, lettuce, tomato, horseradish mayo and chipotle mustard, and served in a sesame bun, it is a burst of distinctive flavours.

Black beauty
One of their specialties, pulled pork burger served in a black bun too exceeds expectations. a�?The meat is hand-pulled and tossed in a BBQ sauce, with a side of apple slaw. The black bun is made in bambooA�charcoal, which not only lends it a nice colour but also a soft, pillowy quality,a�? explains the chef. Certainly not for the faint-hearted, the T-Bone steak is a great choice for those with a robust appetite. Themeat was tender, and well seasoned and paired rather well with the accompanying roasted garlic aioli. Round off the evening with desserts that range from their signature vanilla creme brulee to chocolatesundae, homemade ice cream (pistachio / palm jaggery / tender coconut), and more.
`2,500++ for two.At Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield. Details: 49435000
a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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