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    Singleton Selections, a leather collection by the Scottish whisky major, makes its Indian debut

    Carefully handcrafted, the Singleton Selections limited edition leather bags and accessories (by the Diageo Group) are getting to be popular beltbriefcase-1among the informed fashion tribe. A tribute to the branda��s Scottish heritage and designed by award-winning Scottish design agency Freytag Anderson, the black-and-tan handcrafted collection boasts a range of sophisticated bagsa��briefcases and wallets for men, and handbags and clutches for womena��and accessories like iPad cases. a�?Working on this collection has been extremely rewarding. The designs are minimalistic, yet has modern appeal,a�? says Bhavesh Somaya, head of luxury-United Spirits, a part of Diageo.

    What sets the collection apart is the classic tartan pattern found in the inner lining, which has been exclusively designed and patented for it. So be it the simple iPhone wallet (Rs.3,500), that comes with multiple compartments, or the large shopper tote (Rs.10,000) where the handle is measured for perfect shoulder-arm height ratio, each product has been designed with style and convenience in mind, and made with the finest grade of Indian leather.

    Teal highlights
    Talking about his favourite, Somaya says the belt briefcase (`16,500)a��a tasteful, dual-coloured leather bag with the teal stitchinga��is perfect for the working man. Designer Arjun Khanna, who designed a special collection of outfits for a fashion show held at the Mumbai launch of the brand on Wednesday, says that even though hea��s a man, one of his favourite picks would be the wrist clutch for women (Rs.7,500). a�?I love the idea of the loop through which the palm can go through. It’s convenient, plus it’s extremely versatile,a�? says Khanna. a�?What I really like about the collection is that therea��s so much focus on detailing. The products are almost timeless. And the green and teal tartan lining is so elegant,a�? he adds.
    Rs.900 to Rs.16,500. Details: singleton

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