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Five menaces that are getting in the way of your car shine and how to counter them.

Whether your car spends most of its time parked in your garage or out on the open road, chances are it is facing more than its fair share of paint hazards. But if addressed promptly, the damage caused to your ridea��s shiny coat can be reversed. We recommend some simple fixes.

Shampoo1Bird droppings
Those white sploshes are more than just eyesores on the body of your car. If left to dry, the grainy, acidic constituents of the droppings can leave scratches on the painted surface. Use a car wash solution (3M Auto Specialty Shampoo for Rs 506) and a soft microfibre cloth (3M Car Care microfibre cloth for Rs 204), but take care not to drag the cloth against the body of the car.

waxDust artistes

From doodling children to loitering writers, few can resist the body of your car when covered in a thick layer of dust. But this can reinforce the impression that you dona��t care enough about your wheels. So give it a thorough water wash (Bosch 1,500 watt Car Washer for Rs 7,600), dry with a microfibre cloth and apply a liberal dose of car wax (Formula 1 Premium Paste Wax for Rs 500) to regain that shine.
Unless scraping dried insects off your car and preserving them is your hobby, you should remove splattered bugs immediately. Car paint experts strongly advise against applying diesel to loosen them, so try using a bug remover spray, instead (Armor All Bug Remover spray for Rs 470).

The poor air quality of Indian cities can deposit ash and soot on your car. Keeping your car covered when not on the road can save you the trouble of having to deal with this. Washing away the ash can be harmful for your paint as these pollutants can react with the water. So dust off gently with a scratch-proof car duster for best results (Jopasu non-scratchable car duster for Rs 750).

Fuel spills
While filling the tank, drops of petrol can end up on the body of your car. From dulled sheen to discoloration, this can leave a noticeable impact. An immediate wipe with a soft microfibre cloth and instant detailer (Meguiara��s Quik Detailer Mist and Wipe spray at Rs 2,100) is a quick fix. The detailer is a good investment because it can also treat everything from fingerprints to paint smudges and blemishes.

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