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    At Me N U, the special sauces ensure you never reach for ketchup again

    We like Sharan Senthilnathana��s plan. a�?I want to promote the vegetarian food on my menu first and so Me N U will stay vegetarian for three months before we introduce non vegetarian dishes on the menu,a�? says the economics graduate from Loyola, who always knew that being a restaurateur was his calling. This hardcore non vegetarian took up a franchisee of Donut House after graduating and decided on a concept of his own after several trips outside the country. a�?The concept of infusion is quite popular in the US and Australia,a�? he says, adding that his chef (formerly from Bella Ciao and Kettle) has created special sauces for practically every dish on the menu.
    But before you go imagining your club sandwich bathed in sauce, allow us to clarify that this is not the case. You will however, get the full effect of sauces in terms of flavour. So from their menu of burgers, pastas, and other favourites like nachos and French fries, we go with a plate of croquettes, a Mexican club sandwich and a 11-inch peri peri pizza. The croquettes are large (quite large) balls of mashed potato that are cooked in a special sauce before being deep fried. Thanks to an addictive mouthfeel and mildly spiced flavour, we gobble two each before the sandwich arrives. The Mexican club is a revelation. Again large, it has layers of fried egg, plenty of bell peppers and a juicy salsa, that combined with the egg and brown bread, makes this go down with ease. The thin crust pizza is loaded with olives, tomatoes, a little cheese and a sauce that does not use the famous chilli, but instead relies on something like a cajun spice mix. Overall, we are convinced to return and try the burger and infused fries next time.
    Meal for two at approximately Rs 700. Details: 42080077

    Ryan Peppin


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