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    Michelle Salins is bringing her brand of bridal and party dresses to our city

    Known for combining old-world sophistication and modern sensibilities, Bangalorea��s Michelle Salins has a Spring/Summer 14 line that should tide you safely through the parties. Salinsa�� ensembles, are a�?simple silhouettes that are fitted, yet have flow and movement.a�? A clear reflection of her California-inspired form of styling, her collection ranges from slim-fitted sheaths to column dresses that use a sheer, flowing layer over the snug form beneath. They are designed to flatter your figure by steering away from the more conventional body-hugging fabrics. Salins uses smooth yet structured textiles like silk, jersey, stretch cotton, georgette and satin silk with stretch. Blues, sunny yellow and burnt oranges dominate the collection with a discernible touch of her a�?Indian aesthetic with a modern outlook.a�?

    Planning to retail in Chennai by April, her collection will see a continuation of the floral motifs she introduced in her last line. The heavy influence of digital printsa��from large, floral motifs to the more delicate porcelain-inspired impressionsa��is also visible in shades ranging from fuchsia and red to creams that merge with the hand-dyed fabrics. a�?The major inspiration for the prints came from the porcelain factories I visited multiple times in Nymphenburg, Germany. The rosettes are meant
    to lend a fun, light feel to the ensembles,a�? she explains. Look outA�for maxi cocktail gowns in silks, georgettesA�and chiffons.

    According to Salins, her Chennai clients are very a�?aware of trendsa�? and want to be up to date.A�A� a�?I want customers to connect with me and not be shy of the distance, if they are fond of my designs,a�? Salins adds, having done her share of white and gold saris with veils. For a fusion look while wearing a sari, she suggests pleating the pallu really narrow and adding a pre-done motif either with pearls, beads or crystals to hold it together.A�Priced from Rs7,000 onwards, at the store in Bangalore. Details: 080 32966210, michellesalins.com

    Susanna Chandy


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