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    Do your bit for the environment with our pick of apps

    Be it activity ideas or community campaigns, a slew of new apps offers you a chance to be part of a movement to go green. Sign up and make your mark, this World Environment Day.

    30 Days Wild: Need extra motivation to make a difference to the environment? This app has around 100 ideas to help you out on each day of the month. Some of their noteworthy ideas include climbing the nearest hill or peak, looking out for newborn animals, feeding birds, buying reusable cups and bottles, and bird watching. Pick the activity of your choice, take a picture of yourself in action and share it with friends. Details: wildlifetrusts.org/30DaysWild/App

    Maskbook: Join the crusade against pollution and global warming by participating in the Maskbook Project by Paris-based, Art of Change 21, where your upcycling skills come into play. Make an eco-friendly mask either digitally or by using scrap objects or eco-friendly paper. Upload a picture of you wearing it, on their website. You will be participating with over 1,500 people from more than 25 countries. Details: maskbook.org

    Wildlife Witness: Report illegal wildlife trade with the help of Wildlife Witness. Developed by an Australian organisation, Taronga Conservation Society. You can upload photos of the species A�in danger, details about the location A�of the trade activity, price of the sale, and more. Every report you make A�gets mapped by the app. Details: taronga.org.au

    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo.
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