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    Pathdoor.com brings
    diagnostic tests to your doorstep

    Eliminating unnerving hospital visits for a poke or routine tests, city-based technology start-up PathDoor.com, offers free sample collections across the city. All you need to do is get onto their website, pick your prescribed test and book an appointment at the lab of your choice. Once confirmed by the clinic or pathology lab, you will be notified. At the appointed time, a doctor will arrive at your home to collect the sample. Their current partners include Elbit Diagnostics, Magnus Healthcare, Manipal Clinics as well as Central Lab and Bio Terra Diagnostic Centre.
    Dr Ketan Jhunjunwala, founder of PathDoor says, a�?Being a doctor, I noticed the practical problems patients faced with getting routine tests done. I also realised that there was a gap in terms of transparency in the pathology lab space in India.a�? Realising that effective and fast path lab results would speed up the diagnosis process considerably, he started the online service. Dr Jhunjunwala is partnered by Dr Kunal Patil who heads IT company, TechSplurge and Niharika Goel who runs administration.
    If you are still a bit old school and want to make a trip to the lab yourself, book an appointment on Pathdoor.com with the lab of your choosing. And the best part is that they have partnered with select clinics, so you get a discount on the services. Currently handling 100 tests on a daily basis, Niharika Goel Jhunjhunwala, co-founder and CEO, says, a�?Our country spends less than three per cent of its GDP on health care. Hence, a lot of work needs to be done in this sector. We have tried to merge technology and medical services in the best possible manner,a�? and elaborates on their further plans of working towards systematising the whole diagnostic lab market and home ECG services within 30 minutes of request in tier one cities.
    Details: pathdoor.com

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