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Actor Mark Wahlberg is known to be quite the hands-on father when it comes to coaching his son. Here are other Hollywood dads who are never farA� away from the action

Stephen Moyer
When it comes to his daughter Lila, True Blood star Moyer is as involved as her mother Anna Paquin. In fact, he can easily be labelled a�?soccer dada��a��both the parents are a�?sideline coachesa�� and have no qualms in admitting so. He is so involved in his daughtera��s game that hea��s often been spotted training the young girl, even when it is raining. Incidentally, the actora��who used to play soccer as a kida��recalls that he used to walk down the aisle with his soccer cleats on because he had to go to church right after his game. We wonder what the priest thought of that.

Will FerrellHollyWillFerrell
Funnyman Ferrell takes his soccer
rather seriously. Not only does he coach his son Magnus, he often resorts to screaming out from the sidelines to grab his attention. However, when the actora��who played a basketball team owner in Semi-Proa��appeared on The Graham Norton show with Wahlberg, the latter labelled him the a�?worst coacha�?. Ferrell asked why and Wahlberg replied: a�?Because they could be down 20 (and youa��d say), a�?Dona��t worry guys, youa��re doing reallyA� good. You know what? There are a lot of positive things happening… why are you crying? Ita��s OK!a��a�?

Mark WahlbergHollyMarkWahlberg
In the soccer dad club, Wahlberg is right on top. On The Graham Norton Show a couple of months back, he proved how much of an excited father he can be at his nine-year-old sona��s games. He admitted to being such a loud parent on the sidelines, that his wife Rhea Durham pretends to not know him. a�?I cana��t help it,a�? he shrugged. a�?He just played in a championship game, and I couldna��t even eat. I mean, my stomach had butterflies. Hea��s nine.a�? He went on to tell Norton that he lost his voice for a week from all the yelling, and his sona��s team didna��t even win!

He might not be raging on the sidelines, but singer Seal is quite hands on when it comes to being part of his sonsa�� a�� Henri, Leni and Lou a�� soccer games. In fact, whenever his ex-wife Heidi Klum isna��t around, he takes on the role of a�?soccer dada��a��accompanying them to all their games, cheering them on, and even making sure hea��s in a good position to take
photographs every now and then.

Ryan PhillipHollyryanphillippepe
He and ex-wife Reese Witherspoon might not always see eye-to-eye, but the 40-year old Lincoln Lawyer star never lets that get in the way of being part of their son, Deacona��s, life. Phillippe more often than not spends weekends watching his son play or practising soccer with him. In fact, hea��s even been spotted at games with fiancA�e Paulina Slagter. Now herea��s a bit of trivia: Phillippe is going to star in a series pickup of the 2007 film Shooter, which starred Wahlberg. Now thata��s what we call from one a�?soccer dad to anothera��.


Harrison Ford

Hollywooda��s Indiana Jones is quite hands-on when it comes to his son Liama��s soccer games. Ford and wife Calista Flockhart are often spotted on the sidelines when their son Jr Ford is playing, too. Now he may not scream and shout the way Wahlberg is known to have, but the actor rarely misses his sonsa�� games.

Priyadarshini Nandy


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