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    Packing less time and more substance, this line-up of films grabs our attention

    BREVITY is the soul of this trend. And when you add strong performances and simple storylines to the mix, you get portrayals like that of Tisca Chopraai??i??s, as a quiet housewife from Ghaziabad in Chutney, and Davinder Madan as the forgetful old lady in The Guest (at the recent Mumbai International Film Festival). ai???The short format works because, sometimes, there is a moment that is so thrilling, and to tell that you donai??i??t need a feature film or a TV series ai??i?? a short film does it. Content defines format,ai??? says the Parched actress, Tannishtha Chatterjee. Here is our pick of interesting short films (ranging from 6 minutes to 21 minutes) to look out for in the coming weeks, from within the country and beyond.

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    It has been a good year for animated films, with short offerings like Piper garnering immense popularity the world over. Another addition to this list of brilliantly done animated shorts is Inner Workings, a hand-drawn-cum-computer-animated adventure short film by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Directed by Brazilian artist Leo Matsuda, who was also part of the team that worked on Big Hero 6, the film follows the internal struggle between a manai??i??s logical and adventurous sides. The film premiered along with Disneyai??i??s latest release, Moana.
    Details: youtube.com

    MTV Love reset
    Part of their ai???Look Different Creator Competitionai??i??, MTVai??i??s Love Reset will give you a glimpse of representation of women in the society through different mediums. Set in a video game format, this silent film features a white man obsessed with video games walking down the street and objectifying women, like in most of the games. This is contrasted with an Indian girl who adheres to all societal norms set for her. Worth your time, every minute of this film is an eye-opener.
    Details: youtube.com/mtv

    The Decision
    Srinu Pandrankiai??i??s The Decision explores a womanai??i??s tryst with motherhood without treading on morality. Starring actress Lakshmi Manchu, the film is set in Washington. Having suffered an abortion earlier, going through another pregnancy brings some obvious jitters for Manchuai??i??s character, only to be further heightened by the risk of the baby suffering from Downai??i??s Syndrome. The film attempts to poignantly follow her emotional journey as she is forced to choose. Based on a story that he chanced upon in Andhra Jyothi in 2014, the 21-minute short film will be screened at the ninth Jaipur International Film Festival in January. Details: twitter.com/Srinu_Pandranki

    Come swim
    This 17-minute long film, to be premiered at the Sundance Film Festival being held in Utah on January 19, is the directorial debut of the Twilight star Kristen Stewart. The film, that was described as ai???a diptych of one manai??i??s day, half-impressionist and half-realist portraitsai??i?? on the official website for Sundance Film Festival, was previously titled Water. The music for the film has been given by St Vincent, Stewartai??i??s rumoured beau. Details: sundance.org

    ai??i?? Saloni Sinha and Lavanya Lakshminarayanan


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