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    iTiffin delivers good health in a box

    Known for heavy handed doses of butter, oil and ghee, Indian cuisine has never been known for healthy eating! But catering to health-conscious office goers, iTiffin, started by Tapas Das, hopes to break the trend and offer healthy meals.
    a�?As a developing country, many of our ailments start with food,a�? begins Das, elaborating, a�?One of our founding members, cricketer Robin Uthappa, had dietary and weight management issues. So we developed a concept of dishing up tasty, healthy portions at reasonable prices.a�? iTiffin provides a variety of meals based on the required calorie content of an individual (they have preset 500 and 600 calories meals with meat or vegetarian). Plus, special meals for those with heart conditions and even diabetes.
    Their meals are meant to have a balance of high fibre carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, iron and calories, all cooked exclusively in olive oil.
    Wholesome upgrade
    So be it North Indian, South Indian, Chinese or even Italian, you can enjoy it all, without piling on the calories. To kick-start the new year with better habits, iTiffin has started the Nutrition Meal package for corporates. a�?The corporate lifestyle is stressful with minimum physical activity. But our meal plans, help you eat at least one healthy meal a day,a�? shares Das. These meals cover the complete nutrition quota required for an adult, and the changing menu is planned by nutritionists and includes gravy dishes, chappati and rice to make it more wholesome.
    An iBiriyani section is also expected soon and has us quite excited!
    Vegetarian meals start at `500 and
    `600 for non-vegetarian meals, per week. Details: itiffin.com
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