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    With 60 participants from 16 nations, Global Adjustments gears up for its 17th annual photo competition

    Ita��s that time of year when expats around town get together for an afternoon of networking. Wea��re talking about Global Adjustmentsa�� annual Beautiful India photo competition for expatriates. In its 17th year, the competition seems to be getting bigger with 600 photos by 60 participants (last year saw 46) on display at Hyatt Regency, where the awards ceremony is also scheduled to take place. While participants submit photos under four categories a�� Places, Faces, Cultures & Festivals, Into India a�� there is a customary new fifth category every year, this year being dedicated to Global Children. Ahead of the event, participants tell us about the their pictures and discovering India through the lens.
    The exhibition (by invite only) is on November 16. Details: 24617902

    It is fascinating to take photos in India. Because of this I go out of my way to see things and travel places to take photos. Ia��ve taken a picture of a group of little girls while walking around in Kashmir and another while watching the Kathakali dancers
    in Kerala

    a�� Helen Taylor, freelance writer

    I won a prize at the competition last year, but could not be here for the ceremony. It was a picture of the sunrise on the beach. Everything is so colourful under the sunlight. My interest in photography started in India

    a�� Tomoko Clarke, housewife

    My favourite category is a�?facesa��. Photography has taken me to Kerala, Ladakh, Mumbai and all around Chennai. And you meet interesting people all the time. Photography makes a real connection
    with people

    a�� Jean Francois Vial, project director, Renault

    a�� RP


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