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Three yearsA�in the making, Prathibimba is a photographic ode to Karnataka

Celebrating Kannada Rajyotsava by capturing some of the statea��s hidden treasures on film, six city-based photographers have spent the last three years travelling the length and breadth of Karnataka. Their unique perspectives come together in a 40-photo exhibition launching today at Chitrakala Parishath. Catch unseen aspects of Bangalore and its surroundings as well as further afield, through obscure cultural festivals, cuisines and architecture.

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The brainchild of photojournalist, writer and obsessive traveller, Hema Narayanan, the exhibition showcases some of the statea��s hidden treasures. a�?Outside of Hampi and Bangalore, Karnataka is generally less well known,a�? begins Narayanan. She assembled a team of six established photographers who could a�?breathe lifea�� into the project. a�?Sabir Ahmed has an eye for monochrome and shoots with a traditional analogue camera. Raghavendra KS is an expert with landscapes, while Venkatesh Katta is good with people and expressions. Anita Bora and Renith Valsaraj are able to capture culture and festivals, while I love to photograph architecture and abstracts,a�? she shares.

Even when photographing well-known destinations, the group has managed to add new perspectives. a�?When you spend enough time, quietly, in a place you can uncover something out of the ordinary,a�? says photographer Venkatesh Katta. Like in his shots of Buddha Vihar just before sunset, or in the photo of the Chennakesava temple at Belur, which explore its grandeur and symmetry from new angles. Seeing the exhibition, ita��s hard not to agree that Karnataka has something for everyone a�� from tranquil beaches, and backwaters, to colourful cities and unique architecture.

Hidden gems
Be inspired to visit some of the exhibitiona��s hot spots:
? The Ibrahim Roza at Bijapur, where Shah Jahan is said to have found inspiration for the Taj Mahal, and which is also known as a�?The Black Taja��
? Gol Gumbaz, the mausoleum of the Sultan of Bijapur which is one of the worlda��s largest tombs and is known for its a�?whispering gallerya��
? The Bidar district a�� step outside the much-visited fort and into some of the surrounding villages to see the artisans behind the stunning bidriware handicraft tradition
? The coastal regiona��s Kambala,
an annual buffalo race, that happens around this time of year.

Entry free. At Kumara Krupa Road. Until November 2.
Details: 22261816

a�� Maegan Dobson Sippy


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