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    Taking stock of a new make-up address, Faces

    If you are on a budget and looking for a fresh palette of colours, Faces Cosmetics store at Express Avenue mall is a good stop. With 10 exclusive stores in South Indiaa��in Coimbatore, Kochi, Bangalore and Hyderabada��the Canadian cosmetic brand opened its first store here last month.

    We dropped in for a look and, while the eager sales assistant may need a longer orientation period with the brand, the products on offer are quite tempting. According to Vishaka Chhaproo, vice president, marketing, the brand is targetted at a�?young women who are high FACES6on the glamour quotient and confident of themselves. She is up-to-date on fashion trends, and is looking for international products that have assurance of stringent quality standards but are affordable.a�?

    It helps that as a policy they are against animal testing. Chhaproo insists that the brand hasna��t altered the line for the South as the entire portfolio covers key skin tones and complexions. Their spring summer collection features shades of neons, like green,A�pink, yellow, orange and purple. For the night look they have peach,A�apricot and candy floss shades, along with gold and the usualA�metallic silver and bronze.

    a�?We are looking out for strategic store locations to woo Chennai customers,a�? says Chapproo of their plans here. As for their take on harmful chemicals like lead and mercury being discovered in make-up products by leading brands, she says, a�?We have initiated internal protocol, to subject our products to in-depth analysis for presence of harmful chemicals and shall always prioritise our consumera��s health.a�?

    While additional services like make-up classes are not available, you can stock up on beauty products like hand creams and face mists. And do check out their funky shades in nail paint, lip colour and eye make-up.

    Priced at Rs 149 onwards. Details: 28464148

    a�� Sumitra Nair


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