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    Our pick of restaurantsA�that showcase the juicyA�and sweet a�?grassa��A�synonymous with Pongal

    If you like the sugarcane rush, but are not so keen on the chewing, therea��s hope, with restaurants and bars offering specials created with the seasonal staple. Our pick:

    Jaggery high
    If youa��re not up to making the trip down OMR to try the cane shots at Swirl, The Gateway, therea��s an alternative closer home. Library Blu at The Leela Palace offers a cocktail made with jaggery. Called Aqua Regia, it also contains tamarind and mango pulp with vodka. Rs 1,500 plus tax. Details: 33661234

    Put up a fight
    Before you step into The Parka��s 601 for your fix of kalkandu pongal at their Pongal brunch (Rs 1,200 plus tax) on January 14, do make a quick stop at The Leather Bar. They offer five sugarcane-based cocktails (550 plus tax, January 12-16) crafted especially for the harvest. We like the Bull Fight with vodka, tequila, rum and gin, topped up with sugarcane juice.A�Details: 42676000

    Welcome change
    Spice Haat at Hyatt Regency has a few specials on their Pongal buffet (January 14, Rs 1,199 plus tax for lunch, Rs 1,333 plus tax for dinner). Part of their spread will be chef Gopi Nandakumara��s variation of pongal, made with rice thata��s boiled in a mix of water and sugarcane juice. Details: 61001234

    a�� Ryan Peppin


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