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This new restaurant at Madhapur delivers what it promises and lives up to its name

When the new meets the old, it is bound to turn out into a wholesome package. The Capital Kitchen is a new restaurant that boasts of a chef with more than 35 years of experience. No wonder the platter was an instant hit with a variety of pan Asian dishes with cuisines from Thailand, Burma, China, Japan and Korea. The newly opened restaurant Capital Kitchen at Madhapur has a lot to offer in terms of taste starting from Crispy Veg Sushi, Oriental Tongdak, Panko and star of the menu Fried Ice-cream. The place is calm for a nice sit-up lunch or dinner with friends and family.

The decor
Started by professional food caterer Manasi, the restaurant is located at a standalone building with plush interiors – in silver-grey faux leather chairs, dark glass-top tables and flooring that matches the upholstery. As you enter, to your left are dim lights and a rectangular wall design of four large copper feathers. On the other side of the aisle is a glass walled conference room used for luncheon business meetings. Soft piped music plays while you dine.

The delights
The place delivers what it promises. The Crispy Veg Sushi that they serve is delicious with all that amalgam of carrot, capsicum, cabbage rolled with sushi rice. They also serve Saki Maki, a Japanese dish of salmon and seaweed, quite a favourite of foodies.
Another interesting item is Panko, Japanese bread crumb served with wasabi and gari, sweet young ginger marinated in vinegar. The best part is that they sushi for beginners. They serve Evi Tempuramaki which is deep fried sushi with shrimp stuffed inside. They also have Volcano Sushi with the stuffing of shrimps, crabs, salmon and spicy mayonnaise. The best part is that they are coming up with their sushi bar. Their Indian platter is equally good with Daal Bukhara, Tandoori Paneer and Gilafi Seekh Kebab. We tried BBQ Malai Chicken, it was as creamy as its name. The pieces were succulent and melted in the mouth. In the continental section they have a variety of pastas and risotto such as Spaghetti Bolognese, Fettucini Alfredo and Risotto with Asparagus Puree, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Shaved Parmesan.

Price and portion
The servings are decent in quantity and are not overpriced. We tried Fried Ice-cream with chocolate sauce. Chef Francis had fried the hardly-frozen ice-cream covered in a thin batter. The result is a creamy overflow of the dessert when you prick your spoon. The crunchy exterior and coldness of ice-cream makes for a wonderful combination. They serve one large scoop of the ice-cream with sliced kiwis. Prices of the dishes start from`195 for salads like Red Riding Hood and Elliniki Salata.

Cleanliness quotient
The place is spic and span. The washrooms are separate both for men and women and are maintained nicely. You have plenty of lights inside and handwash that doesna��t leave your hands dry.

Time: 12 noon-11.30 pm. Price for two: `1,600 Details: 33194275

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