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Shibu Arakkal on winning at the Florence Biennale and his accidental love of the lens

WE catch up with Shibu Arakkal, fresh from winning the gold at the Florence Biennale and a curated exhibition of his work at the Mahua Art Gallery.

The journey thus far.
Over 20 years, I have compiled about 11 series. There is no governing style but I always use a lot of symmetry, mirroring, layering and multiplying.

a�?Constructing Lifea�? at the Florence Biennale.
It is a very strong, raw picture of a woman I found startlingly beautiful. I wanted to bring out with the series, and this piece in particular is that sophistication, civilisation and beauty are not restricted to upper stratas of society. I carried the 8 feet by 6 feet piece and weighing 17 kgs all the way and displayed it in Photography category. The jury decided to elevate it to the Digital Art category and I didna��t even know that happened till the prize was announced!

When did the shutterbug bite?
I accidentally fell into it when a friend of mine asked me to do profile shots of her while I was studying fashion.

On your wishlist.A�CultureAnchor1
Edward Steichena��s Flat Iron.

Favourite camera.

Alternate profession.
Building custom bikes

The award winning piece starts at Rs 1.25 lakh per edition. At his studio in Whitefield. Details: 9845006846

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