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Lodestara��s latest app helps you make that critical decision

Parents often find themselves at a
loss when it comes to helping their kids choose the right career path. Sometimes they arena��t aware of a a�?stablea�� career option that goes beyond engineering, and medicine. And at other times, they dona��t know their children well enough.

You might want to try Lodestar Career Guru app then. Ita��s a career awareness building app, which aims to educate parents and students of class 10-11 on the importance of systematic career planning. Currently, it lists out more than 250 career opportunities across 15 industries, skill sets required for each, and specific colleges to attend. It also tests parents on how well they are aware of their childrena��s strengths. Every week, it also uploads interviews of someone pursuing an off-beat field, such as wildlife photography, insurance actuary, or genetics, under a�?Career in Spotlighta�� section.

The app is a result of a survey by Lodestar, a career guidance company. The team found that 60 per cent of parents fell back on their peer network, or relatives to decide on their childrena��s careers. Thata��s because a random online search often ended up confusing them. The Lodestar app, on the other hand, offers researched and curated information, gathered from veterans in each field.
It also busts a few myths. Its founder and CEO Murlidhar S shares, a�?People think lawyers work only in courts. Thata��s not true. They can get jobs in corporate sectors as well. Some believe that even if you are weak in Maths, you can choose the subject of architecture. Thata��s wrong. This app tries to connect these missing pieces of information, and open up the minds of parents to the universe of opportunities out there.a�? Available on Play Store.
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